A little hello from Jessica…

Thank you to the gorgeous women on my journey

Written by admin

Wow, what a spectacular time I have had previously working for the BEST agency in the UK…the gentlemen I met were kind, attentive and so much fun! The ladies I met for duos and parties were phenomenal and the lady at the helm…there are not words to describe her. It is probably easier to explain how she made me feel, empowered & appreciated and she did this for so many of us. How she juggles it all I will never understand but the lady certainly has some magic on her side and I will love her and the opportunities eternally.

Now I know you will always be interested to know why I have moved to Independent working and I am sure this is something we can discuss curled up together somewhere but in general sometimes it is just the right time to take back the reins (no apologies for horse puns). Being a busy entrepreneur and living in the countryside my time can be slim and precious so it is imperative for me to really focus on enjoying every second of my alternative sexy life and building up some close relationships with exceptional clients. Also to be fair I do like a level of control so prepare for that in the bedroom…I may just arrive with some playful restraints if you ask nicely.