I suggest you read and follow the information within this etiquette page diligently if you do wish to meet with me. Our encounter should be pleasant for the both of us and these details will ensure our planning runs smoothly. As an incredibly organised individual, planning with me will be straightforward, professional, discreet and exciting! I reserve the right to decline any requests that do not meet my standards of care and attention. Jessica James is a lady of exacting standards and I do not compromise and neither should you.


Firstly if you are a new client please provide the date/time/location/length and plans for any proposed booking via text or WhatsApp. Include your phone number and contactable hours for a brief phone call to discuss. If a verified returning guest then a text/whatsapp is sufficient.

Secondly I will contact you to complete the prior arranged brief phone call to confirm details.

Thirdly for my safety and security I will insist on photographic ID (passport/UK Driving Licence) your lawful name, a copy of your hotel booking/or residence utility bill by email and a deposit for any length of booking. I am extremely discreet, not just for you but for myself. I hold no interest in your personal details but for my own safety. This is non-negotiable. All details will be destroyed after review and they are not retained anywhere.

Final confirmation of our glorious date will then be sent to you.


Due to work/animal commitments I appreciate as much notice as possible for dates. The more notice you provide the more flexibility I have to be available. It is rare that I will accept any last minute requests (such as same day) unless for a returning/screened client. Dates are accepted on all days of the week and have my latest start time of 8:30PM.

Deposits & Cancellations

Deposits are mandatory and non-negotiable. I understand that sometimes you may need to cancel and this will be dealt with on a case by case basis and every effort will remade to forward your deposit onto a future booking. Typically cancellations with less than 24hrs notice will not see the return of a deposit to cover my lost time and preparation expenses.


Exceptional levels of hygiene are expected. Ensure you are freshly showered and presentable for our date and if we are returning from dinner/waking from an overnight please do consider this also. Protection is used 100% of the time, no exceptions.


Contributions for my companionship should be placed in an unsealed envelope and always present it at the beginning of our time together. Please be aware that I will make checks as necessary. If meeting in public, set the envelope inside a gift bag to be discreet. You are also welcome to send the full amount to me in advance by bank transfer if you prefer to avoid this. I have a discreet business name. I do not offer discounts, anything resembling negotiation is considered a sign of disrespect. If you wish to extend our time together please ensure the payment is settled in cash at the start of the extended period. Many gentlemen love to bring gifts which are a wonderful gesture and greatly appreciated. I have some ideas on my gift page link or feel free to surprise me as I do love the joy a present brings!

Food & Refreshments

Refreshments such as bottled water should be made available on all dates, regardless of length. Due to the driving involved for bookings it is rare that I will drink much/if any alcohol. Bookings for durations of longer than 4 hours must include time for food and nothing is better than the flirtations had over a romantic dinner table. I have zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol abuse.


My safety getting to and from locations is imperative to me. Please do consider parking when organising hotels and try to ensure that on-site parking is available and organise this on my behalf if possible at it shows great consideration for my well-being.


Jessica James provides an exceptional GFE. Open to role play, clothing requests and I try to be as accommodating as I can to fulfil your ultimate fantasies. I adore to play with other ladies and can organise duos or feel free to suggest whom you may like me to pair up with. Couples are very much welcome and I really appreciate being allowed to join in your intimate moments. If you have a ‘hotwife’ or FMFM/FFM/MFM type scenario I can also accommodate.