What made you become an elite companion/escort?

The million dollar question!

Written by Jessica

Definitely the top question I am asked! It does make me smile and the answer is usually the same…because I LOVE it! Yes seriously, the world of escorting has opened up so many doors for me and enabled me to spend time in the company of some utterly glorious people. Amazing memories are etched in my mind – from having the best suite in the Shard, London to just cozying up together by a roaring fire in a woodland cabin escape.

Single life

Recently single and not wanting to get too close to anyone on an emotional level but seriously still wanting to get close on a physical level so I thought, why ever not?! Amazed at how healing it was, I have been loved, adored and every inch of me appreciated. The confidence and self-worth it provides cannot be truly understood unless you have been in a similar situation. I have realised that not only am I here for you to fulfil a gap in your life but you also do the same for me…reciprocal love!

Sexy Ladies

On a purely lustful note there is another massive reason I chose to go into this lifestyle…sexy ladies! haha! My experience in this area before was slim but I knew it was something that I really wanted to explore and my goodness that is why I just adored and excelled in my duo experiences. I literally cannot get enough so make sure you request some naughty duos with me for the authentic experience and not just the pretend version that I often hear of! Lets get naughty together!


Obviously, being financially equipped does free up time to pursue my own on hobbies and interests so this topic doesn’t need to be avoided it should be addressed head on. I charge my worth for my time and try to be as fair as possible. As much as you may think the clock begins the moment we meet, it doesn’t for me. It happens from the moment I stop to look at your first message showing an enquiry to meet me to the moment I return home post a booking. There is a whole lot that occurs in between, I won’t bore you with the details but my time is immensely valuable and your financial contribution really shows an appreciation for the expert, professional service that you have sought out. You do get what you pay for, discretion is always on the top of my list.