Considering a threesome or foursome, call Jessica James your open-minded companion

Written by Jessica

“Meeting you has brought a spark of excitement into my life that I didn’t realise I was missing”.


Privileged. That’s exactly how I feel when I am invited to spend time with any gentleman but more so, when I am invited into the inner sanctum of a couples bedroom. For a couple to place trust in me to enhance their sexual needs, wants and desires for an evening is truly so special that it is hard to put into words. The enormity of the responsibility is not lost on me. I appreciate the level of openness, communication and trust between the couple that has brought them to this moment. It is so important that I am respectful and professional at all times, whilst being exactly what they need and being open to adapting for any emotions or feelings that may arise during the evening.


Communication is key, and I suggest really discussing what you as a couple wish to experience and where you draw the line. Communicating this openly with your provider of couples sexual services is imperative. Without this open and honest conversation no one will know where they stand or what you feel comfortable with. I never like to over plan an evening and love to let the sexual tension to build naturally. Some basic boundaries and expectations discussed before hand really help to let the evening to flow.

So why do couples seek out the services of a courtesan/escort?

Professionalism. Experience. No dramas.

Lots of couples like to dabble in threesomes, couple play and so on but it can be a minefield of how and where to find someone suitable to invite into their lives, whether just for an evening or multiple experiences over time. Couples may look online via dating apps. or even venture into the world of swinging. However, with the best will in the world it is virtually impossible to not have emotions and attachments through many of these methods. Peoples expectations vary immensely and this can lead to confusion, miscommunication and a serious failure to have the fun you wanted in the first place!.

So what should you do? Hire a Professional!

Hiring a professional such as myself to fulfil your sexual desires will ultimately lead to success and avoid many of the pitfalls of other methods. Success being a greater bond between you both due to the positive shared experience, lots to reminisce and fantasize about and potentially opening up a whole new world of hot, sexual play between you.

If you are new to opening up your relationship, then again this is another real benefit to hiring a professional. Let me gently lead you to where you wish to go and take control if you need. Shall we introduce toys, try out scenarios together with no pressure of anything but your own enjoyment. I won’t be offended if breaks are needed, you require some private ‘couple’ time or if a particular thing just isn’t for you. It is my intention to enhance your enjoyment as a couple being respectful to your needs at all times. I promise you will feel super relaxed and safe in my warm and explorative hands…!

So what do you Offer for couples Jessica James?

In every instance the female of the couple must contact me. I am to be no-ones surprise. Nothing good would ever come of this so please don’t be tempted, ever. Then the world is your oyster and let the fun commence! Some lovely girl or girl? Sharing your husband or a hot and steamy threesome session. Then perhaps you would like to experiment with an additional male in the mix. Are you a hotwife that needs attention from my experienced male partner whilst your husband watches on? Or would you like to try a foursome and some swapping or even to accompany you to a sex club for the first time? There are so many options and scenarios but they can be explored in a safe and mutually agreeable way so reach out and start exploring with me.