Jessica James’ first night as an escort…

My First Night as an Escort by Jessica James

Written by Jessica

The Red Door

It just stood there all red and shiny. The only thing left separating me from this whole new world. Not that I really knew what this new world was. I was totally naive to that fact. It felt like a truly momentous moment, something was about to shift and under no circumstances did I wish to turn and run. I wanted to step through this entrance and become whom I had always wanted to be. Up until this very moment I hadn’t felt any nerves but oh boy I was certainly feeling them now. I knew however that nothing was going to stop me, I was meant to be right here, at this very moment. Stood infront of this red door.

Searching for an Escort Agency

Before becoming an independent escort, I thought I would search for an escort agency that could represent me. Mostly because I was new and wanted the benefit of experience on my side. I searched the internet and was drawn to a fabulous looking escort agency. Searching for the same criteria you probably look for when seeking a provider of sexual services and elite companionship. High Class looking ladies, well educated, professional photos, realistic rates that reflect the level of companionship and a gorgeous website written to the highest of standards. I took the plunge dropped one of the ladies an email…I had to include some amateur photos and I honestly now cannot remember how awful those probably were! I have certainly progressed on the posing stakes since then! As with any good escort agency I then had to meet with one of the agency owners, to establish if we could happily represent another and what can I say? We were a match and the rest is history!…

Two days later

Within just two days my amateur photos were online. It was a shock to see them, surrounded by other experienced ladies with professional photos I was sure that I wouldn’t be called for any work…how wrong I was! I forgot the rule of the new sweetie in the sweet shop! The call came through swiftly, there was a booking request and was I ready? Oh hell yes! Such a buzz of excitement came over me, how fabulous. This was all going to plan, I was making moves in my life just for me. I was being completely selfish for a change and there was a feeling I hadn’t anticipated. The secrecy of my new plans was such a thrill, I was going to love my double life! Professional air hostess by day, magical high class escort by night!

On Route

Now this memory still makes me laugh out loud to this day, talk about rookie mistake! My first booking was with a long-term client of the agency and it was at his private residence. It was in the middle of a heavily residential area. Beautiful, large terraced houses on a leafy tree-lined street with the warm glow of lamps from houses filled with families sitting watching television, finishing meals and so on because it was just before 8pm on a weekday and it was dark…so very, very dark. Now as your can imagine, on such busy roads parking was close to zero. Looking back I now know why I wasn’t worried about the booking, it was because I was completely distracted by the stress of finding somewhere to park and trying not to be late! The road also had a fabulous one-way system which just added to my fun and enjoyment! having circled the village for the third time I thought it was time to abandon the car wherever I could and thought I was close to the correct house number. Struggling to see any house numbers due to the lack of any light (oh god help me) I parked the car. I slipped out of my driving flats and into my sky high patent stilettos. I wanted to look the part and sexy shoes are definitely my thing. I trotted down the path to the front door, horrified I realised this was not the right number….! Now do I jump back into the car, drive round a few more times…no I am royally fed up of the car at this point so I basically embrace my devil may care attitude and strut down the leafy street. I proudly click-clacked in my stilettos down the quiet street wearing a winter coat, mini-dress and a full lingerie set with stockings. I finally arrived at the correct red door and I felt a flush of nervous excitement for what was to come and just eternally grateful I was going to get off this road!

The door opens

I will never forget the gentleman’s face. He was so warm and welcoming. Not only him but his house too was full of a warm glow from lamps and candles that he had taken the time to light. There was some gentle background music on and the scene was set for a mutually fun evening. Many clients could take some direction here, some music and a scented candle go a long way to getting me in the mood, take care of me and I’ll take care of you!.

We embraced and he kissed me passionately in the hallway, clearly my outfit was having the desired effect and I wondered if we were going to get on the floor right there and then due to the heat between us. I looked into his eyes, I am know for my eyes and the connection was there and I couldn’t wait to get to know him further. He led me into the kitchen and offered me a drink, we went for a lovely bottle of pink fizz. He had got my my favourite one from the recommendation on my webpage, I was ever so grateful for this touch. We went hand in hand to the living room and spent sometime getting to know each other, laughing together and giving me lots of opportunities to raise the heat in the room from my looks across to him and touching each other, caressing. We had been talking for long enough, I want to have some fun, fun with this stranger who wasn’t anymore, we were connected and we were going to be together for this hot and sensual session.

He led me to the stairs and offered for me to walk up there first, obviously to get a view of my peachy behind pushing against the thin material of my mini-dress. I obliged and took the took the stairs slowly and carefully, maximising his enjoyment. I turned to give him a wicked look and entice him towards me for a hot embrace on the stairs. He felt my curves through my dress as his hands ran all over me. When we got to the bedroom I remember us undressing and he breathed in sharply taking me all in, my long legs in black stockings and lingerie but he wanted me fully naked and I felt glorious. He laid me on the bed and explored every inch of me. I let myself go and revel in the feelings building up in my body, I exploded as the ecstasy reached its peak and we had such a night of passion.

Our time together went so quickly, sometimes there is just never enough time but there is never anything wrong with wanting more…until next time lovers.